„#TooUglyForCinderella“ – Theater Baden-Baden

written and performed by Irmela Jane Purvis

Director and Dramaturg: Bettina Lohmeyer

Preview was on March 3rd, 2024

More shows soon in 2024 

“Bonobo Moussaka” Premiere was on November 26, 2022 at Kleine Komödie Warnemünde/Volkstheater Rostock.

Based on the bestseller by Adeline Dieudonné
German-language premiere
Director: Bettina Lohmeyer

Reopening in the season 2024/2025.

“Lise Meitner – Genius in the Shadow of the Nobel Prize Winners”

written and performed by Bettina Schinko

Director: Bettina Lohmeyer

Bettina Schinko takes us on a time travel in her solo evening as Lise Meitner: From Vienna in 1901 via Berlin, Stockholm and Washington to post-war Europe. Her love of physics made Professor Meitner take this course. Politics and war did not stop her from asking why until the end of her life and from wanting to understand the world at its innermost core. Lise Meitner once rejected a film adaptation of her life out of modesty – now her life is coming to the stage in Berlin:

The premiere was on March 6, 2020 at the Theaterhaus Berlin.

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More shows were performed at Theaterforum Kreuzberg in August 2022. Further shows are in planning for 2024 

“Truman Capote: Just Splendid!”

written and performed by Thomas Engel

Director: Bettina Lohmeyer

Truman Capote: Just splendid! illustrates the fast-paced rollercoaster ride of a unique career and breathless life, oscillating between great art and merciless crises, extreme loneliness and debauched parties with the who’s who of the international jet set, the comet-like rise of a literary superstar and the dramatic finale of his abysmal fall.

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After 2 series of performances in Berlin in 2018 and several guest performances in 2019, further performances are planned for 2024.  

“Just Marilyn”

written and performed by Ruth Hornemann

Director: Bettina Lohmeyer

Inspired by her diary entries, poems and letters, this theatrical evening delves into Marilyn Monroe’s private world of thoughts and feelings beyond her role as a Hollywood star and sex bomb.

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After 2 series of performances in 2018, a resumption is planned for 2024.

“Sean Penn – Unsung Truths”

written and performed by Thilo Herrmann

Director: Bettina Lohmeyer

SEAN PENN – “Unsung Truths” unfolds the unsung sides of a person who struggles with himself all his life and fights for his artistic vision again and again. Thilo Herrmann shows a contradictory character, behind whose rough skin hides an amazingly sensitive man.

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After 2 series of performances in 2018, a resumption is planned for 2024.

Directing: 19 monologues for showreels, shooted in August, 2021

Showreel scene Lara Grünfeld / Caroline Pischel