Film / TV

2019 “The Collini Case” Constantin Film (cinema)
Director: Marco Kreuzpaintner
Role: Dr. Kathrin Schwan

2018 “Woof – Follow the Dog” dcm (cinema)
Director: Detlev Buck
Role: Dog breeder

2017 “A Summer in the Allgäu” Moviepool (ZDF)
Director: Jeanette Wagner
Role: Ms Zbil
“Journey to Jerusalem” Kess Film
Director: Lucia Chiarla
Role: Sophie Berger

2013 “Pastor Paul” Fearless Films (USA)
Director: Russ Senzatimore
Role: Greta
“24/7” Collaboratorsfilm
Director: Jeanette Wagner
Role: Krissy

2010 “Good Times – Bad Times” Grundy UFA (RTL)
Director: Till Müller-Edenborn (among others)
Role: Marianne Biesenthal

2009 “Cheating” Beaglefilms (ZDF)
Director: Jeanette Wagner
Role: Natalie Groß
“My Wonderful Family” Grundy UFA (ZDF)
Director: Monika Zinnenberg
Role: teacher Mrs. Siebert
“In the Shadow of Justice” CineCentrum (Sat1)
Director: Hans-Günther Bücking
Role: Investigating officer

2008 “Paths to Happiness” Grundy UFA (ZDF)
Director: Klaus Petsch
Petra Wiemers; role: Dr. Doris Burger
“Minibar” Pupkin Film
Director: Remco Packbiers
Role: Sandra

2007 “The Baader Meinhof Complex” Constantin Film
Director: Uli Edel
Role: Telephone operator at Axel Springer publishing house

2005 -2006 “Behind Bars” Grundy UFA (RTL)
Director: Conny Dohrn, Heinz Dietz, Oren Schmuckler, Jurij Neumann (among others)
Series leading role: Annabelle Liffers

2004 “Dolphin Summer” UFA (ARD)
Director: Jobst Oetzmann

2003 “SOKO Leipzig” UFA (ZDF): “Out of control
Director: Oren Schmuckler
Lead role in the episode: Uta Lubig

2002 “Lovesick” (DFFB)
Director: Nicolas v. Wackerbarth
Role: Lisa

2001 “A Millionaire for Breakfast” Granada Film (SAT1)
Director: Josh Broecker
Role: Stella’s mother (young)
“The Smart Ones” Studio Hamburg (RTL): “Pure World”
Director: Axel de Roche
Role: Regine Herzog

2000 “Just-in-case Stefanie” nova-film (Sat 1): “Death driver”
Director: Dieter Schlotterbeck
Lead role in the episode: Mena Osbarth
“HTB’s third month” (DFFB)
Director: Vicky Cohn
Lead role: Una

1999 “The Last Witness” nova-Film (ZDF): “The Holy War
Director: Markus Fischer/Dieter Schlotterbeck
Lead role in the episode: Margit Straub

1998 “Just-in-case Stefanie” nova-Film (Sat 1): “Love and let love”
Director: Christa Mühl
Lead role in the episode: Manuela Pietsch

1997 “Turkish Honey” from the series “Boomtown Berlin” (DFFB/SFB)
Director: Rudolph Jula
leading role: Ulrike