Letter of reference from director and author Jeanette Wagner

(among others, screenwriter and director of “Liebeskind” and “Fremdgehen”)

“Mrs. Lohmeyer coached the main actors in my film “Cheating.” The feature film was produced by Beaglefilms and will be broadcast on ZDF in 2011. The role preparation before shooting started took ten days.

The very special and efficient work of role preparation according to the method of Susan Batson, an American coach with whom Ms. Lohmeyer worked for years, inspired, strengthened and inspired my actors in their play. In my opinion Bettina Lohmeyer is one of the few outstanding coaches in Germany who can work out such a multidimensional and emotional role preparation with the actors.

For me as a director, working with Ms Lohmeyer was like a gift. The actors knew their characters exactly, had already experienced their depth and lightness. That way I could concentrate on the staging of the scenes. I can only warmly recommend Bettina Lohmeyer and would work with her again anytime.”