Letter of reference from the actress Ruth Hornemann

(Ruth Hornemann, actress / musical performer; Stage Theater am Potsdamer Platz)

“Again and again I am thrilled how Bettina, with her empathy and sharp mind, recognizes what helps me very concretely in my acting work on a scene or a character.
While working with her I experienced for the first time what it means to dive down to the bottom of a character and to feel and act like the character.
The workshops with her are so much fun and intense that you often forget the time.
With her always positive attitude, her humour and her liveliness she manages to make even complex scenes and characters accessible to you, even under time pressure and tension like on the set.
The acting technique (after Susan Batson, among others), which she teaches, can also be applied excellently for the interpretation of songs. Bettina is an excellent actress and an excellent coach.
I am grateful for the work with her and look forward to each new one.